If you use Microsoft Edge, you might want to be mindful when you are working with and printing PDFs. Several users have reported that when trying to print PDFs what is printed does not match the original.

In a Microsoft Edge issue report (#11896203) from May 4, a user complained that the Edge browser was displaying his PDF correctly, but when he tried to print, the numbers get jumbled. He provided two PDFs to Microsoft as an example. The first was his original which looks like a chart with each field clearly labeled in numerical order (0123456). The second is a PDF he produced by using "Print to PDF." It is the same chart, but the numbers are all incorrect (1144477). While the renumbering does not look random, there is no discernible pattern to the numbering (see animation below).

Additionally, the labels in the chart also shifted positions, so the bug is not only affecting enumeration but content as well. This problem could prove quite annoying, to say the least. Bleeping Computer even posits that it could be dangerous.

“[This issue is] incredibly dangerous, as this could lead to customers sending incorrect invoices, the printing of construction plans with wrong measurements, or inaccurate metering of crucial, life-saving medicine, just to name a few of the most dangerous scenarios.”

While this statement is a bit overblown since most professionals would double check their numbers, it can still be inefficient and costly.

Matthias I., who initially reported the bug, stated that “Printed content depends on selected printer, on printer settings, and on used computer.”

He also indicated that he was able to workaround the problem by using a Xerox copier.

The issue has been assigned to Microsoft techs, and they are currently working on a fix. In the meantime, it might be prudent to use Acrobat Reader or another non-Microsoft browser if you work with PDFs.

Top image by Windows Central