Google at its annual I/O developer conference announced a smattering of new features for its smart speaker and home assistant, Google Home.

Google's Rishi Chandra during the keynote shared a handful of major features that'll be rolling out in the coming months starting with proactive assistance. As the name suggests, this feature can proactively offer up all sorts of useful alerts and notifications regarding things like reminders, traffic delays and flight status changes.

Another new Google Home feature is hands-free calling which allows users to call any landline or mobile number in the US or Canada absolutely free. Google says there's no setup or app required - just ask the assistant to make the call and it'll handle the task. Best yet, it can discern between different voices meaning if you ask to call your mom, it'll dial her number versus your mate's mother.

Google is also bolstering Home's entertainment capabilities. It'll soon be adding support for Spotify's free streaming service as well as SoundCloud and Deezer. What's more, all existing Google Home devices will soon be getting Bluetooth support so you can play any audio from your Android or iOS device.

Last but not least, Chandra touched on visual responses that'll utilize nearby displays (phones, tablets or TVs) to share content best suited for, well, a screen (like directions to a new restaurant sent to your phone or a quick view of your calendar on your television).