Have you ever held an enormous, powerful chainsaw in your hands and thought: “This is great, but I wish it was so small that I could fit it in my (admittedly spacious) pocket?" Probably not. But for those who do long for a fun-sized version of Leatherface’s favorite weapon, Bosch has you covered with the EasyCut 12.

The German engineering and electronics company isn’t actually referring to the device as a chainsaw; it prefers the term “cordless mini-saw.” But the fact it looks like a chainsaw made for leprechauns that's been attached to a hand unit is glaring.

This is no novelty item, though; the vibration-free device is said to give a straighter cut than a jigsaw. It has a cutting depth of 2.55 inches in wood and 1.18 inches in plastic, weighs just under 2 pounds, and comes with a no-load speed of 4,000rpm. Bosch says it’s the world’s first saw blade with a micro-chain with 44 teeth.

Bosch adds that its SDS system allows the saw's Nanoblade to be changed without requiring additional tools, and you can use its 12v battery and charger to juice the company’s other cordless power tools.

While there are plenty of other cordless miniature saws available, many designed specifically for indoor or outdoor use, the versatility of the EasyCut 12 could make it popular. T3 reports that the saw quickly sold out when it launched at the Royal Horticultural Show in Chelsea, UK. Even the Queen of England’s husband, the now-retired Prince Phillip, is said to have bought one, perhaps to scare off the British paparazzi while he’s out and about.

No word on a US release or price, but a direct conversion from pounds works out at around $167.