Omni Magazine was a staple for tech geeks in the 1980s and 90s. It was more than just a technology magazine though. It combined articles on trending tech and science topics with new and often bizarre art. It was not uncommon to find articles on fringe sciences either, like UFOs and other paranormal phenomena. Science fiction short stories were popular within its pages as well. According to the Verge, the short story "Johnny Mnemonic" appeared in the May 1981 issue and was later made into a movie in 1995 starring Keanu Reeves.

While some of the gadgets and other science minutiae that Omni reported on might be antique and old news to us now, many of the articles were timeless in nature. In fact, Omni was somewhat similar to National Geographic in that it was a magazine that was worth keeping around even after you had read it cover to cover. I had a subscription for three years and kept every issue.

Omni ran from 1978 to 1997 and released 200 issues before sadly shutting down after the death of one of the founders. It reappeared online free for a while via the Internet Archive but was taken down in 2015.

Now Amazon is offering all 200 issues, for a price of course. Each edition will cost you $2.99 unless you have Kindle Unlimited, in which case it is free. Paying for a magazine from 20+ years ago, timeless or not, seems a bit absurd, but if you have Kindle Unlimited, it is for sure worth checking out.