US-based electric automaker Fisker has published the first official images of the EMotion, its upcoming carbon fiber and aluminum all-electric luxury sedan. Designer Henrik Fisker shared renders of a prototype last October but these are the first images of a true-to-life model.

As you can see, the latest photos highlight a design that's a bit more refined. The front grill is smaller, the hood "vents" have been redesigned and relocated to the upper portion of the hood and there's now a charging access port on the front left fender.

Fisker revealed that the front grill features integrated LIDAR technology and thanks to built-in cameras in the side mirrors, drivers will get a 360-degree panoramic view of the car. Carbon fiber and aluminum wheels, developed in partnership with Dymag, are said to reduce rotational mass by 40 percent and contribute to its impressive range.

The company previously boasted that the EMotion will afford a 400-mile electric range and a top speed of 161 mph. These facts were reiterated in the latest press release with Fisker noting that its proprietary UltraCharge technology can supply more than 100 miles of range in just nine minutes.

Fisker said it will be revealing additional details this month ahead of pre-orders opening on June 30 via its website. Pricing will start at $129,900 for a model with the "ultra large" battery pack which suggests Fisker will offer different battery capacity configurations, a common practice among the competition.