In a little over 24 hours it'll be time to empty your wallets and buy a load of heavily reduced games, many of which you'll probably never get around to playing, once again. Yes, the Steam Summer Sale starts tomorrow.

In what has now become a tradition, PayPal UK was first to reveal the details in a tweet. It announced that the sale would go live on June 22 at 1 pm ET, which was later confirmed by a Valve rep. The online payments firm has been the first to announce the dates of each summer and winter Steam Sale since winter 2015.

Back in May, a screenshot from the closed Steamworks developer group appeared on Reddit, revealing the Summer Sale would take place between June 22 and July 5.

PayPal UK is running a promotion where customers will receive £5 off a purchase when they spend at least £20 on Steam using Paypal. The offer ends on July 5, which seemingly confirms the Reddit leak's accuracy. There's no word on whether PayPal's offer will reach the US.

Expect to see the usual discounts on games old and new, leading to your rapidly dwindling PC storage space taking another pounding.

For many, the Steam Sale is an opportunity to buy those games that receive middling reviews but you still want to try them out - though not at their full price. For me, Dawn of War III falls into that category, so I'm hoping it will be deeply discounted tomorrow.

To get you in the mood for the big sale, check out the Star Wars spoof video below from YouTuber NotAnAverageJoe.