It's getting closer to that time of year again when you get to spend money you don't have on games you'll probably never play. Yes, Steam's annual Summer Sale is almost upon us, and thanks to some Reddit leaks (via PCGamesN) we may know the exact dates.

First posted by Steam subreddit user deliteplays and confirmed by Jelman21, a screenshot from the closed Steamworks developers group shows the sale taking place between June 22 and July 5. While there's no 100 percent guarantee this is authentic, accurate information for virtually every Steam Sale seems to appear well ahead of the event. Plus, it's very close to the dates of last year's Summer Sale, which began on June 23 and finished on July 4.

There's a warning in the subreddit that the post breaks Steam's Non-Disclosure Agreement. The image shows the sale lasts almost two weeks, starting at 9:50 am and ending at 10:05 am Pacific.

The leak's not too surprising, especially considering the number of Steamworks developers there are, and the fact regular users can be added to dev groups after getting access to a title's Alpha/Beta.

The leakers seem to have gotten the drop on PayPal, which usually reveals Steam's sale dates in advance.

With the sale just five and a half weeks away, you may want to hold off on any big Steam purchases until then. Expect the usual discounts on titles old and new, leading you to question whether a new SSD would be a good idea for all these games you'll never get around to enjoying.