C Seed, an Austrian television manufacturer that specializes in extra large LED TVs just unveiled its latest 4K display. The C Seed 262 sets a world record for home televisions with its 262-inch screen. Yes, that is almost 22 feet diagonal.

The TV is over 8 feet tall and just under 22 feet wide. It delivers a UHD picture with a brightness of 800 nits, so even in brightly lit rooms, the picture should look great. Of course, turning up the brightness on over 7 million pixels is going to consume some energy. The display runs at an average of 2.85 kilowatts with a maximum consumption of 11.4 kW.

"Enjoy a viewing experience that up to now was simply unavailable outside a private movie theatre in a remote corner of your mansion."

It has a built-in 4K media server and supports 7.1 and 9.1 surround sound powered by 10 speakers. The self-contained theater system is only missing the fold-in seats and sticky floor.

When the TV is not in use it has a motorized fabric curtain that covers the screen. Not only does the cover protect the screen, it disguises it as a gigantic wall hanging.

Aside from the obvious power requirements, the sheer size of the display must be considered when finding the proper place to install it. Unless you have some heavy equipment, you will probably want to spring for the $38,500 installation fee. You also might need an inspector to be sure you have a wall that can support the television's 1,763-pound weight.

A motorized fabric cover hides the screen when not in use.

Once you have hurdled those obstacles, the only thing left to do is take out a second mortgage. The C Seed 262 will only cost you $539,000. Naturally, this display would only fit in the most lavishly designed home, so the half million dollar price tag should be no problem. Pre-order yours today so you can have one when they start shipping later this summer.