RuneScape, one of the most popular browser-based MMORPGs around (and one of our Top 10 MMOs) will soon be arriving on mobile devices. While the gameplay will remain the same for the most part, players can expect a few small tweaks - mostly related to making the game more accessible to the mobile crowd. For example, developer Jagex plans to implement fully mobile-optimized interfaces and persistent cross-platform play.

Existing players will be able to retain all of their progress from the PC version of the game, allowing them to pick up right where they left off. Having said that, players with high-level characters might find it difficult to take part in some of the game or combat-related activities (such as raiding) on a mobile device. Thus, the majority of the playerbase will likely use the mobile version of the game to train their various "AFK" skills, such as woodcutting, fishing, or cooking.

According to Jagex COO, Phil Mansell, this announcement isn't coming out of the blue - in recent player surveys, 90% of active players and 64% of former players made it clear that they were interested in playing a mobile version of the game.

As far as release dates go, Old School RuneScape will be getting a mobile version sometime this winter, with the the regular game's mobile version slated to arrive soon after, in early 2018.