Asus has released a new flagship motherboard for Ryzen CPUs. The X370 chipset on the Republic of Gamers Crosshair VI Extreme provides the basis for this enthusiast class motherboard. As a board designed with overclocking in mind, the Crosshair VI Extreme features everything needed to get the maximum performance out of your AM4 socket CPUs.

Asus' extravagant UEFI combined with their FanXpert 4 software adds all of the tools needed to fine tune for the optimum combination of cooling and performance. If water cooling is of interest, a header on the motherboard has been added to monitor monoblock temperatures, leak detection circuits, and coolant flow rates. A custom designed monoblock for the Crosshair VI Extreme will be available separately through a partnership with Bitspower.

Even though this is targeted specifically towards enthusiasts, not everyone has the knowledge or time to tinker with their PC build for hours on end. In order to help out novice overclockers and those who are short on time, the Crosshair VI Extreme features one-click overclocking using what Asus calls intelligent auto-tuner.

The motherboard features three full size PCIe x16 slots for dual or three way CrossFireX and also has three PCIe x1 slots for additional add ins. The first two PCIe x16 slots are spaced so that extra wide 2.5 slot graphics cards can still be put in a dual setup. These two slots are also reinforced with metal and extra solder to handle greater stress from rough handling.

As expected, USB 3.1 can be found on the rear I/O in both Type-C and standard Type-A varieties. USB 3.1 is also available for the front of your case via an internal header. Also included on the board is an 802.11ac module with a 2x2 antenna configuration alongside an Intel Gigabit Ethernet controller. In addition, Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity is standard, so that you can pair your smartphone or other devices.

Audio is provided by Asus' SupremeFX S1220 codec and an ESS Sabre DAC. This combination provides native support for HRTF effects intended for use with virtual reality experiences.

These days, what would an enthusiast board be without standard RGB lighting? The Crosshair VI Extreme goes beyond regular RGB lighting by providing a header specifically for addressable RGB light strips that allow control of individual LEDs. Using the Aura Sync software, you can color coordinate all lighting across supported products.

The ROG Crosshair VI Extreme will be available in early August carrying a suggested retail price of $349.