The 4K projector market got a bit more populated on Wednesday as Acer announced a pair of mainstream home theater offerings in the H7850 and the V7850.

Measuring just 15.7 (W) x 11.7 (L) x 5.0 (H) inches, Acer is labeling its new products as the world's smallest 4K Ultra HD projectors.

Both models throw "razor-sharp" 120-inch images at 4k (3,840 x 2,160) resolution and feature TI XPR which appears to be a pixel-shifting technology. I've reached out to Acer for comment on the feature and will update this story accordingly when I hear back

Update: an Acer rep confirmed that this is indeed a pixel shifting technology, adding that its new units deliver 8.3 million pixels which meets the Consumer Technology Association standard that a 4K UHD display resolution must have at least eight million addressable pixels.

Acer says the H7850 carries a 3,000-lumens rating while the V7850 is rated at 2,200 lumens and boasts an RGBRGB color wheel.

The H7850 and V7850 are also HDR- and Rec. 2020 compatible and can adjust to brighter scenes automatically. This, according to Acer, means highlights glimmer with detail while rich blacks are preserved in darker scenes. There's also Acer's proprietary AcuMotion technology which is said to enhance picture clarity and reduce motion blur by generating intermediate frames and inserting them between existing ones.

The projectors were first unveiled earlier this year at a press event in New York. The models appear to already be on sale overseas but are just now finding their way to the US. Pricing is set at $1,999.99 for the H7850 and $2,499.99 for the V7850.