Back in 2011, there was a lot of hype surrounding an upcoming FPS/parkour/team-based shooter from Splash Damage and Bethesda Softworks called Brink. While it didn't turn out to be the marvel many expected, it did receive some fairly positive reviews. Now, you can decide just how good or bad it really is without spending a penny, thanks to Steam offering it for free.

Rather than going down the free-to-play route that relies on microtransactions, Brink is no-strings-attached free. The only parts that cost money are the DLC packs, which add some cosmetic items, extra maps, abilities, and weapon attachments to the base game. The Fallout/Spec Ops pack and the Doom/Psycho pack cost $1 each, while the Agents of Change DLC is just under $2.

Splash damage was particularly proud of the SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) System it developed for Brink. It allows players to automatically clear obstacles, Parkour-style, by holding down one button.

In addition to now being free, a Bethesda Softworks community manager has posted instructions and a PDF detailing how to host your own dedicated Brink server, something that's pleased many players.

Before Steam started giving it away, Brink's concurrent player numbers languished in the single figures. Not surprisingly, the decision to stop charging for the game has boosted the amount of users. It's now reached a six-year peak of just under 1500 concurrent players, placing it above the recently released LawBreakers, which has a 'very positive' rating on Steam.

Think you might be interested in Brink? Then check the 2011 launch trailer below.