Apple may be scaling back its self-driving car project, but the iPhone maker remains on the list of companies and organizations that can test autonomous vehicles in California. Now, the state's DMV has just updated the document, adding Apple rival Samsung as one of the new permit holders.

It was no secret that Samsung had an interest in the self-driving car industry. Earlier this year, the company was granted permission to test the vehicles on public roads in South Korea. But the tech giant has reaffirmed that it won't be manufacturing the autonomous cars.

"As a global leader in connectivity, memory, and sensor technology, Samsung Electronics looks forward to participating in California's Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program and joining in the pursuit of a smarter, safer transportation future," a Samsung spokesman said in a statement. "While we have no plans to enter the car-manufacturing business, we are excited to help develop and deliver the next generation of automotive innovation."

Back in May, it was reported that Samsung wanted to improve self-driving vehicles' capabilities through its plans to develop top-of-the-line sensors, AI-powered computer modules, and deep-learning technologies. The modified test cars themselves are commercial vehicles from fellow Korean firm Hyundai, equipped with the latest cameras and sensors.

Late last year, Samsung made its motor vehicle industry ambitions clear with an $8 billion acquisition of Harman, whose infotainment systems are already found in over 30 million vehicles.

In addition to Samsung, some of the other firms that can test autonomous vehicles on Californian roads include Waymo, Apple, Uber, Nvidia, Tesla, Ford Motor, GM, Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, and Subaru.