Kodak and Polaroid are often considered to be photography's equivalent of BlackBerry. Much like the Canadian handset maker, both companies were once dominant industry forces that fell out of relevance due to their inability to adopt modern technology.

Rather than bow out of the fight, however, the two continue to push forward with products that aren't exactly innovative. Kodak's new Printomatic instant camera is the latest example.

Not to be confused with Gallagher's next comedy special, the Kodak Printomatic is a slim digital camera with a 10-megapixel sensor that can instantly print 2 x 3-inch sticker photos on special non-ink paper. Sound familiar? It should.

Polaroid in 2015 launched Snap, an on-the-spot camera that has a lot in common with Kodak's latest. In fact, they're essentially one in the same.

As The Verge highlights, the Printomatic is being produced by a company called C+A Global which is simply licensing the Kodak name. It just so happens that C+A also licenses from Polaroid, the company behind the aforementioned Snap camera. Both cameras were designed by Ammunition Group, a Silicon Valley firm that confirmed to the publication that the Printomatic is virtually the same as the Snap albeit with a simplified design (and a rebadge).

Like BlackBerry, you almost wish they'd just throw in the towel rather than resort to rebranding products that are years old at this point.

Should you somehow feel compelled, the Kodak Printomatic launches later this month priced at $69.99.