Earlier this month, we shared a romhack for Super Mario 64 that let up to 24 individuals play the game simultaneously. The mod, called "Super Mario 64 Online," attracted tens of thousands of players and more than a million views on YouTube.

Unfortunately, Nintendo took notice as well.

Kaze Emanuar, the project's lead developer, said he has received multiple copyright strikes on YouTube. "They took down my videos for containing their 'audiovisual content,' meaning Mario 64 gameplay and Mario 64 music," he told Kotaku in an email.

The copyright removals were not limited to YouTube as content has also been pulled from Emanuar's Patreon account. He says that the primary target seems to be the Super Mario 64 Online videos as every one of them has been deleted.

Despite the copyright strikes, Emanuar has not received a cease-and-desist notice from Nintendo. He believes that with the imminent release of Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo is cracking down on anything that could detract from the new game.

"I might wait until after Odyssey before resuming development, in hope that it doesn't come to a C&D, at which point development would be rather dangerous and would have to be kept a secret," Emanuar said.

Kotaku reports that the mod is no longer available for download although as of writing, the files are still available on Google Drive. The mod was also hosted on Discord but has since been removed. If you want to try out the hack, you better hurry before Google gets wise to the illicit content.

Nintendo has not responded to requests for comment but given Emanuar's public vow to continue developing the game (even in secret), a C&D notice is all but inevitable.