Over the past several years, the world has seen just about every type of smart device you could imagine: smart speakers, smartwatches, appliances and smartphones, just to name a few. However, to Amazon, even that selection is too limited - enter one of Amazon's newest devices, a smart alarm clock.

Announced today at Amazon's surprise Alexa event, the device – named the Echo Spot – comes in the form of a small spherical gadget. It boasts an attractive 2.5" touchscreen, a built-in camera and, of course, alarm clock functionality.

The Echo Spot is just one of many devices that Amazon debuted at the event (others include the new Fire TV and improved Echo and Echo Plus) but it's also one of the most intriguing. Although the device offers most of the standard Alexa features you'd see in the other Echos – like smart home control and voice-controlled music playback – what makes the Spot stand out is its versatility.

Its small size makes it perfect for virtually any room in the house (not unlike the ultra-tiny $49 Echo Dot) and it borrows a few features from Amazon's only other screen-based Echo, the Echo Show. These features include (among others) the ability to make video calls, watch the news and even the ability to connect the Spot with your home security cameras.

As far as connectivity goes, the Echo Spot will be Bluetooth-compatible and offer a simple 3.5mm stereo cord for direct connections.

Coming in at $129, the Echo Spot's pricing places it in the middle ground between the more expensive Echo Show ($229) and the cheaper Echo (now $99) and Echo Dot devices. The Spot is available for pre-order now and is expected to launch on December 19.