It's been almost a month since we had our first look at LG's excellent V30 handset. Now, following the phone's arrival in South Korea on September 21, it's finally set to launch in the US next week on the three largest carriers.

The V30 will hit Verizon's online and retail stores on October 5. AT&T's sales start on the same day, but it won't be available in its physical outlets until the day after (October 6). The handset is purchasable on the AT&T Next upgrade program for $27 for 30 months, and buyers can get an extra handset free if they add another line. The company will also be selling it for $810 outright, and will include a daydream headset and some VR programs if you buy before November 13.

T-Mobile orders begin on October 5, with the phones arriving in stores and online on Friday, October 13. Customers will have to make an $80 down payment and pay $30 a month for 24 months, bringing the total price of the V30 to $800. The phone will be the first to work on T-Mobile's new 600MHz network, which offers improved coverage inside buildings and in remote locations.

LG's phone will be facing strong competition from the likes of the Note 8 and S8, the iPhones, and a number of other handsets, including those from Google, whose second-generation Pixel devices will be unveiled the day before the V30's launch.

Based on our hands-on impressions of the prototype, we judged the V30 to be an excellent phone that will likely appeal to photo and video content creators. With its beautiful screen, Hi-Fi Quad DAC audio, and minimal bezels, LG's device could be the handset that finally turns its mobile division's fortunes around.