Gaming-centric online chat service Discord recently announced its Verified Server program, granting developers and publishers special privileges such as custom sharing links and branded splash pages.

Similar to verified Twitter accounts, Discord will add a checkmark next to the game server profile name. In order to qualify for verification, a server must be owned and moderated by a game developer or publisher. Additionally, Discord's proprietary explicit content filter must be enabled on verified servers. This attempts to remove any illegal or malicious content that could harm company reputations.

For those unfamiliar with Discord, there are separate chat rooms and voice channels that can have different levels of permission for different users. Discord is encouraging verified server operators to make use of separated channels to keep announcements and game information isolated from general chat rooms.

Many games restrict voice chat on loading screens and after players are eliminated, thus creating a need for a dedicated, third-party voice solution. You can download the Discord client from TechSpot here.

In the end, developers and publishers are fully responsible for moderating their own Discord servers. How many developers will take advantage of sharing their updates and game information on the platform is yet to be seen but it is a good opportunity for smaller development groups to find new gamers.