Comically priced Special Editions of games are nothing new. Dying Light took the practice to new limits with its $380,000 Apocalypse Edition in 2015, which came with a custom-built, zombie-proof shelter, before introducing a $10 million Spotlight Edition that offered buyers a role in the Dying Light movie, if it ever gets made.

Now, Sony Interactive Entertainment Taiwan has released a special edition of a game. Deep-pocketed fans of PlayStation 4-exclusive racer Gran Turismo Sport --- launched in the US today --- were given the opportunity to buy the $46,000 bundle, which came with a slew of goodies, including an actual car.

That amount of money got you a PlayStation 4 Pro, PSVR headset and Move controllers, a Bravia 4K HDR TV, an Apiga AP1 racing chair, a Thrustmaster T-GT steering wheel, 12 months of PS Plus (not a lot for the price), the game itself, and a limited-edition 2018 Mazda MX-5.

This isn't the first time a racing title's special edition has included a real vehicle. Back in 2013, there was the GRID 2 BAC Mono Edition, which, at $188,700, came with the street legal Mono racing car, as well as a suit, helmet, PS3, and copy of the game.

Sadly, only one set of the Gran Turismo Sport bundle was made available, and it's already been snapped up by a supercar collector. Still, there'll no doubt be more ludicrously expensive special editions for people to splash out on in the future.