Who wouldn't want to have Hatsune Miku dancing on the side of their PC?

A PC parts shop in Japan called OlioSpec recently put a modded PC on display that was quite eye-catching. The tower was black with red trim, which is slick looking by itself. However, it also featured red framed transparent side window showing off the liquid cooled innards.

Plexiglass windows aren't anything new, but what made this one unique is that one of the panes is actually a transparent LCD. Hatsune Miku dances on the screen, but the inside of the case is modded with a brightly lit platform creating the illusion that she is dancing inside the computer. It's a stunning effect.

Unfortunately, the PC is not for sale and is only on display for a short time. However, if you are good at reading Kanji, the creator (Mr. N) detailed the build on his blog.

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