Google Calendar's web version has been due for an overhaul for some time now, both functionally and aesthetically speaking - and Google recognizes it. The search engine giant is rolling out a big Calendar update this week that includes an interface visual overhaul and a number of new and improved productivity features.

Calendar's visual rework clearly displays Google's Material Design philosophy, showing off a much cleaner, polished interface than what we've seen in the past. Colors are vibrant and contrast nicely against the white background. On-screen elements are also much easier to navigate than before.

Responsive technology is also making its way to Google Calendar, allowing the service's on-screen elements to resize themselves to allow for a smoother, more consistent experience no matter your screen size.

Aside the visual upgrade, Google Calendar is also seeing a number of new and improved productivity features to make the service more accessible to larger businesses (everyday users likely won't get much use out of them). One such addition is the improved Day View feature, which allows users to select the calendars of, say, various employees in a company and view them side-by-side.

If an important company meeting is coming up, users can also use rich text formatting to include direct links to any relevant documents or information they want attendees to have access to. It's also possible to set and view information regarding the meeting areas themselves - this potential information might include room occupancy limits, handicap accessibility or overall room size.