Back in April, it was reported that Facebook had started testing what was essentially a second news feed on some mobile users. While not all the social network’s experiments get full releases, it seems this one is here to stay. The company has confirmed it is now officially rolling out the ‘Explore Feed’ to everyone on mobile and desktop.

Facebook introduced this alternative feed to help users discover content beyond what their friends and 'liked' Pages share. Its algorithms surface material based on a person’s past likes and shares, as well as content popular among friends. It offers the same kind of posts, articles, images, and videos seen on the regular feed, but from sources that people don’t follow. Ultimately, Facebook sees it as another way of keeping its 2 billion+ monthly users engaging with the site for longer.

To access the Explore Feed on desktop, simply go to the “Explore” sidebar on the left-hand side and click “See More.” Mobile users can find it in the main navigation under the “More” menu. It’s slowly rolling out to everyone, so don’t worry if it hasn’t arrived for you yet.

Browsing through my own Explore Feed does show some interesting posts I likely would have otherwise missed. There are a few that seem out of place, such as a story about cricket, and the same publication often appears several times, but the lack of ads, friends' gym updates, and photos of food are most welcome.