The Xbox One launched without one key feature: backward compatibility for original Xbox games. Buying a new console and losing the ability to play a library of games that you spent years buying is a disappointing fact of life for most console gamers. Now, Microsoft has launched a handful of original Xbox games that can be played on Xbox One.

Found in the Games On Demand section of, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Prince of Persia, Neowave: The King of Fighters, and more are available. Microsoft has clarified that backwards compatible games will launch on October 24, at which time supported games will become playable. Games that are already owned will begin to work after implementation of the feature.

When attempting to buy any of the games on Xbox One, none were appearing in the dashboard. A future update may be incoming to correct this issue. For now, it is advised you hold off on purchasing any games set to be backwards compatible until Microsoft makes an official announcement on the matter.

Update: Backwards compatible games will be available beginning on October 24. Explore Games on Demand to see all available titles.