Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency everyone is talking about, started from nothing and is now worth close to $6,000 each. There are stories of people investing early and making huge returns. On the other side, there are people who won't touch Bitcoin with a 10 foot pole for fear it's a scam or a bubble. What are your thoughts on the world's most popular cryptocurrency? Did you invest early?

When talking about cryptocurrencies, the controversial topic of mining often comes up. For those that got into it, it has been a relatively easy way to turn their computing power into cash. For many gamers it's a difficult subject as mining has caused the price of graphics cards to skyrocket. Did you ever get into mining or have any strong feelings either way?

Personally, I invested when Bitcoin was selling for $300 and have been putting small amounts in ever since. As far as mining, I was hesitant to go out and spend my life savings on graphics cards, but I was able to make a return on my investment with just a few cards over the course of a few months.

Lead photo by Vladimir Ribakov