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Beyond Bitcoin: IMF champions central bank digital currencies

The big picture: Not long ago, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were supposed to be the future of money and blockchain technology was poised to revolutionize everything. But now, nobody seems to remember the blockchain revolution anymore – a solution still in search of a problem – and Bitcoin remains a niche market for financial speculators.
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Bitcoin price predictions for 2023: rally to $250,000 or crash to $5,000

Could BTC's price rise 1,400% over the next 12 months?
Forward-looking: To say 2022 was a rough time for crypto is an understatement. Following a long period of rising prices and delighted investors, last year saw the arrival of a crypto winter that brought Bitcoin's price crashing down, bankrupted companies, and wiped over $1 trillion off the market, and that's not even mentioning the collapse of FTX. But what will 2023 bring? Analysts' predictions vary wildly, from Bitcoin almost quadrupling its previous record high and reaching $250,000, to the digital coin crashing to $5,000, which would be its lowest price since 2019.