As previously rumored, yesterday marked the start of Steam's Halloween sale. The event, which runs until 10 am PT on November 1, features a slew of discounts on many of the best horror-themed games, movies, and VR titles available.

Some of the bigger games being reduced include Alien: Isolation, Prey, Resident Evil 7, and Doom, which are now between 25 and 75 percent cheaper than usual.

While it's a couple of years old, I would personally recommend those who don't already own it to try SOMA---one of the best games I've played in recent times and now at a bargain price of $7.49.

Fans of RPGs and teeth-gnashing frustration might want to buy Darkest Dungeon, discounted by 52 percent to $23.36. There are also reductions on Dying Light, Telltale's The Walking Dead collection, the Amnesia games, and Limbo.

Two more of my all-time favorites have had their prices slashed by 75 percent: Warhammer fans excited about next year's sequel can get their hands on the original Vermintide for $7.49; and Vampire: The Masquerade --- Bloodlines, a game I've completed more times than any other title, is just $4.99.

For VR headset owners unfazed at the prospect of soiling themselves, the sale includes a number of virtual reality horror games, one of which, Deadhalls, scared YouTuber Markiplier so much that it reduced him to tears.

Finally, there are some cut-price horror movies available to download and keep, most of them priced around the $5 - $6 mark. Apart from It Follows, most appear to be classics from a few (or many) years ago, such as Cabin in the Woods, American Psycho, Battle Royale, and Evil Dead 2.

Steam isn't the only online games store celebrating Halloween. The Good Old Games sale is also taking place right now, with more than 200 titles available at discounts from 15 to 90 percent. The Humble Store is offering some spooky bargains, too.