PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds creator Brendan Greene said during a Reddit AMA earlier this year that he would love to add a single-player campaign to the game but temporarily sidelined the idea due to a lack of time and resources.

On Friday during PAX Aus in Melbourne, the question came up once again.

In a chat with GameSpot, Greene revealed that he had written some backstory on the game's island but only did so to give graphic artists a reference point to help create a more authentic, believable environment.

This lore gave way to an idea that Greene thought would make for a "pretty cool" single-player mode and perhaps even a co-op single-player campaign. But unfortunately, just as before, Greene cited a lack of resources and time as a major hurdle. In fact, he said they have no plans to add anything like this [a single-player campaign] to the game but said they might explore the idea "some day."

As Cal highlighted just the other day, focusing on a non-core strength (like adding a single-player campaign to a multiplayer title or vice versa) typically just dilutes it all.

Greene said during the interview that he was also interested in bringing cross-platform play to PUBG. The experience would be the same on both platforms (PC and Xbox One) although he questioned how to bring the two factions of players together in a fair manner (PC gamers typically smoke console players due to the added precision that a mouse and keyboard afford).

No formal announcement on the matter was made, however, outside of Greene simply saying that they would like to see it happen.