Despite the controversy over Face ID and the handset's high price, a lot of people can't wait to get hold of an iPhone X. Which is why last week's YouTube video showing off the device went viral. The vlogger responsible, Brooke Amelia Peterson, was able to get the hands-on footage because her father was an engineer at the company---but not anymore. Apple has been forced to fire him over the incident.

In the video, Peterson visits her father at the Caffè Macs restaurant on Apple's campus, where she films herself briefly using his iPhone X. Not surprisingly, the clip brought her channel a lot of attention, but it was soon removed at Apple's request. Being the internet, it had already spread (you can see a copy here).

In a new video posted to her channel on Saturday, Peterson explains that Apple was forced to fire her father over the iPhone X clip. While the offending item lasted less than a minute and didn't seem like something that would warrant a dismissal, Apple has a strict no filming rule on its premises. The fact she was also documenting an unreleased product likely played a part in the decision.

Another issue for Apple is that at one point the video shows a Notes app running on the iPhone X. That might not sound too bad, but it appears to be filled with codenames for unreleased Apple products. The device also contained employee QR codes and internal software.

Peterson said her father took full responsibility for the incident, and that Apple's rules are in place for the happiness and safety of workers. She added that her family holds no grudges against the company.

"At the end of the day, when you work for Apple, it doesn't matter how good of a person you are, if you break a rule they just have no tolerance," she said.

According to the Verge, Peterson senior had worked at Apple for four years, building the iPhone RF and wireless circuit design.