You can't beat a weekend of Netflix binge-watching in the comfort of your own surroundings, but it turns out that more than half the streaming service's subscribers enjoy its content away from home. The practice has become even more common since Netflix started allowing downloads for offline viewing last year.

Conducted between August 24 - September 7, 2017, an online survey commissioned by Netflix asked over 37,000 people around the world about their viewing habits. The biggest takeaway is that 67 percent of people are now happy to watch the site's TV shows and movies while in public, the most popular places being planes, buses, or while commuting. Seven percent of people even admitted to watching Netflix in public restrooms.

A few people actually feel awkward if someone spies them watching the likes of Stranger Things on a train; the survey found 18 percent of those interviewed thought being spotted engaging in public binging was embarrassing.

If you ever find yourself bursting out laughing while viewing some Netflix content in public, don't worry; you're not alone. More than half the survey's participants say they have "LOL'd" while watching something on their phones, which is less embarrassing than the 20 percent who said they've cried.

It seems that if you intend to catch up on your favorite Netflix shows while traveling to and from work, be prepared to have your device spied on---45 percent of people say they caught someone sneaking a look at their screen in public. But in addition to annoying the viewers, engaging in such snooping spoiled shows for 11 percent of the respondents.

There's also the risk that public viewings will result in someone trying to talk to you about the show you're currently enjoying, something that happened to 27 percent of people.

If you want to avoid public humiliation, snoopers, and loquacious types, you could always copy 37 percent of those surveyed and watch Netflix while at work. You could even do some viewing in your employer's restrooms, which some people admitted to .