While all the hype last week surrounded Tesla's new semi truck and the ridiculously fast Roadster, the electric automaker also quietly announced an external mobile battery pack meant to charge your smartphone and other devices.

The compact Powerbank is shaped like the Tesla supercharger monument at the company's Design Studio and features built-in USB, micro USB and lightning cables. The battery pack consists of a single 5V/1.5A 18650 cell which is technically the same lithium-ion cell used in all Teslas before the Model 3.

The battery itself isn't that huge, only sporting a 3,350mAh capacity. This is about enough to charge most smartphones and tablets once. Road warriors and commuters who are away from a wall socket will have to invest in multiple Powerbanks or simply buy an external charger with a larger capacity.

The Powerbank is available now on Tesla's online store for $45 which is actually pretty reasonable considering Tesla is a luxury name. However, there are obviously cheaper alternatives from brands such as Anker that offer much higher capacity at a lower cost.

Tesla is technically no stranger to external battery power as the company is known for the Powerwall, an external battery for the home. It was only natural for Tesla to miniaturize it to power small electronics like mobile phones.