After the big unveiling of Tesla's new short haul semi truck that was largely overshadowed by the Roadster 2, we now know roughly what it is going to cost to purchase the electric truck.

The Tesla Semi will start at around $150,000 for a model with a range limited to 300 miles. For the full 500-mile range, an additional $30,000 is required. A Founders Series edition is available for $200,000 which guarantees one of the first 1,000 semis off the production line. All models are driven by four independent motors located on the rear axles of the truck that are capable of moving 80,000-pound loads.

Compared to diesel trucks, the range limitation will undoubtedly be a concern for businesses considering making the switch to electric vehicles. However, an estimated cost savings of more than $200,000 over its life will garner some interest for companies that do not need long-range capabilities. Even still, a 30-minute break for recharging after every seven hours of highway driving may be acceptable if it means saving money in the long run.

Safety features may also be a point of consideration when looking at the semi. Tesla has made it impossible to jackknife and unlikely to roll over with a very low center of gravity compared to equivalent diesel competitors.

Adding on extra features will surely increase the price tags of these new trucks. To order a Tesla Semi, a $20,000 deposit is required for standard models. The Founders Series requires that the full $200,000 be paid up front.

The first trucks will begin rolling off the production line in 2019.