'Poor console port' is a term us PC gamers are familiar with. Games like Batman: Arkham Knight and the original Watch Dogs suffered from a multitude of problems on the PC, but it doesn't often happen the other way around. With PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, however, it seems the recent Xbox One and Xbox One X versions are a bit of a disaster.

The fact it's not set to come out of Steam Early Access until December 20 could explain some of PUBG's problems on Microsoft's consoles. But the breakdown done by Digital Foundry shows it suffering from numerous issues, including "low-resolution textures that seem to be failing to stream in properly."

PUBG isn't exactly a smooth experience on the PC, admittedly, even when played on some high-end rigs, but it often appears to struggle terribly on both the Xbox One and the more powerful Xbox One X. While the 4K-capable console does introduce upgrades over the base Xbox One through improved texture details, resolutions, and foliage draw distances, it still suffers from texture pop-in and disappointing performance.

Both platform struggle to maintain the 30 fps cap---the Xbox One's average frame rate is 25.6fps, while the Xbox One X manages 27.6.

"In terms of first impressions, PUBG is borderline horrendous --- an assault of low quality artwork, jarring pop-in and disappointing performance," writes Richard Leadbetter.

Digital Foundry does add that the game remains fun to play on the consoles, despite the many issues. No doubt the developer will continue to update the game and address some of these problems as time progresses. Still, Xbox One and Xbox One X fans are likely to be disappointed by the findings.