Tidal is ringing in the New Year the right way. The streaming music provider on Friday announced it will be offering a 12-day free trial of its Hi-Fi and Premium tiers beginning December 25, 2017, and running through January 5, 2018.

Free trial offers aren't typically newsworthy. In fact, you can score a free 30-day trial of Tidal as we speak. What's different about Tidal's upcoming offer, however, is the fact that you'll only need to submit an e-mail address to qualify - no credit card required. Most trial offers request a valid credit card so they can charge you for the service when you forget to cancel.

As part of Tidal's free trial, users will have access to the full platform via the web and on mobile devices.

During the preview period and into 2018, Tidal is planning to release a cornucopia of original content including interviews, curated playlists, tour documentaries and more. The full schedule can be found in this Google Docs spreadsheet.

Tidal's 12-day preview is well-timed as it starts on Christmas Day, right at the height of the annual app rush due to holiday gift-giving. What's key here is that users won't be required to enter a credit card which usually serves as a major hurdle for young people (but with some sweet talking, I'm willing to bet that kids can convince their parents to let them sign up for a subscription afterwards).

The offer is also attractive for those that have been interested in trying lossless high fidelity audio quality. This is what's tempting me the most...

Lead image via Sam Hodgson, The New York Times