It's hard not to think of World of Warcraft without remembering one of the Internet's earliest memes. I'm of course referring to Leeroy Jenkins, the "protagonist" in the infamous doomed raid video from 2005.

Despite its scripted nature, the clip gained widespread notoriety and became a well-known pop culture reference. Now, well over a decade later, we're getting to see a new take on Leeroy.

The viral video's creators recently released a never-before-seen first take / dry run of the Leery Jenkins video. Ben "Anfrony" Vinson said he has been holding on to the clip for more than a decade, waiting for the right moment to make it public. That moment occurred a few weeks back when FCC Chairman Ajit Pai released an "awful / condescending video" regarding the death of net neutrality.

Vinson hopes the clip will help raise awareness about net neutrality and said he plans to make a "sizable donation" to the EFF and other related entities should the video go viral and generate any significant ad revenue.

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