YouTuber 5MadMovieMakers is well-known for producing some of the most entertaining Hot Wheels videos on the Internet. We featured one of the channel's productions here on TechSpot a little over a year ago in which a GoPro was strapped to the roof of a Hot Wheels car.

The creator's latest release is equally as entertaining (and is the #12 trending video on YouTube as of writing).

Titled "Hot Wheels in the Garden," the clip showcases a 141-foot-long track that starts from a second-story window. It takes the test car roughly 25 seconds to complete the run as it races across fence tops, tackles a vertical loop and traverses gutter pieces.

The car zips along at an average speed of 3.8 miles per hour which, in 1:64 scale, is said to work out to around 244 mph.

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