We've seen expensive headphones in the past – several offerings from Beats come to mind – and typically, you get what you pay for when it comes to audio products. However, AKG's upcoming pair of in-ear headphones might raise the eyebrows of even the most avid audiophiles with its $1,000 price tag.

The headphones, officially dubbed "N5005," were revealed at CES 2018 and might just come with enough attachments, extensions and accessories to be worth their cost. The N5005 boasts Japan Audio Society-certified "Hi-Res Audio" which means you'll be able to "enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher-than-CD quality resolution," according to AKG parent company Harman International.

"The AKG N5005 embodies AKG's legendary studio sound and stunning design for today's sophisticated listeners and audiophiles," said Jessica Garvey, Vice President of Harman's Lifestyle Audio Division. "Excellence is in the details with [these headphones], as [they are] able to reproduce the same audio quality artists and sound engineers achieve in the recording studio, while conveniently connecting users to the music source of their choice."

The scratch-resistant N5005 in-ear headphones come with four interchangeable sound filters for precise audio tuning - Bass Boost, Reference Sound, Semi-High Boost and High Boost. Furthermore, the device has five 9.2mm + Quad BA audio drivers, two sets of "high-quality detachable twist cables," a carrying case filled with cleaning tools, several interchangeable ear tips and eight hours of battery life when used wirelessly.

The device also comes with a three-button remote and microphone.

As nice as the N5005 looks and as good as it undoubtedly sounds, it will still likely be a tough sell for the average customer. $1,000 is a prohibitive cost for most electronics, let alone a pair of headphones. Still, if you have the cash to spare and want to experience the N5005 for yourself, the headphones will be launching this spring.