Samsung in 2016 launched a limited edition of its Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone designed specifically for athletes competing in the Olympics. Such will be the case this year as well.

The electronics giant recently announced the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games Limited Edition, a version of its flagship Galaxy Note 8 handset for competing athletes and staff members. Samsung plans to deliver more than 4,000 handsets which will allow recipients to “lean on Samsung mobile technology to enhance their experiences and connect more conveniently.”

The limited edition smartphone will feature a shiny white back glass to celebrate the winter theme complete with golden Olympic rings. It’ll come loaded with PyeongChange 2018 themed wallpapers, we’re told, as well as “useful” pre-installed apps to help users get the most out of their Olympic experience.

The offer is also being extended to all Paralympians who will additionally receive a case for their new phone that features the Paralympic Games logo. Aside from its modified appearance and pre-loaded apps, however, the Olympic edition phones are identical to the standard Galaxy Note 8.

This year’s Olympics serve as a bit of a homecoming for Samsung as they’re being held in South Korea, Samsung’s home turf.

Samsung in 2016 eventually released its Olympic edition Galaxy S7 Edge to the public although there’s no guarantee that’ll happen this year.