Back at CES 2018, Samsung brought along a massive and modular 146-inch MicroLED TV. Now almost a month later, Samsung Electronics is at Integrated Systems Europe 2018 and has a new variant of its cinema size display dubbed The Wall Professional.

The Wall Professional's modular assembly allows for configurations both smaller and larger than the standard 146-inch Wall TV. Peak brightness is able to reach 1,600 nits, making it roughly equivalent to around 5,000 lumen projectors. However, MicroLED panels effectively achieve infinite contrast since black corresponds to off and white is a combination of color channels.

One of the major additions to the professional version is a content management platform called MagicInfo. Multimedia content can be built and scheduled for deployment across commercial displays over a network. Error detection is built in and offers additional troubleshooting features that could prove useful should content delivery stop working.

In March 2017, Samsung launched the first HDR Cinema LED screen, and is now bringing the next generation movie displays. In addition to the Wall Professional display, Samsung is also taking on 3D movies with the first large format 3D LED screen. Viewing angles are particularly important for 3D content, and the 3D Cinema LED display is designed to provide all movie-goers the same experience no matter where they are seated in the theater.

MicroLED is not available in anything comparable to LG's consumer line of OLED TVs, but it certainly has the advantage of scaling much more easily. Large format OLED TVs are still difficult to achieve a high yield on and are still not readily available in modular configurations.