The Fortnite subreddit and Epic Games' forums have received several complaints about unauthorized charges showing up on players' accounts over the last few weeks.

One user told Kotaku that he was surprised when a friend messaged him asking if he had bought the base package "Save the World." His friend claimed claimed to have seen his status listed as playing that mode, but he only plays the free Battle Royale mode had not even logged on recently.

After receiving the text message, he checked his email and found receipts totaling almost $250. He is unsure how anyone gained access to his account, but after contacting support, he was issued a refund for the charges.

Dozens of other players have been hit with similar charges. Purchases have included cosmetic items, game expansions, and V-Bucks (in-game currency). At least some of the receipts appeared to be in Russian.

"I opened a ticket after buying the Ultimate Edition .. this was over 3 weeks ago .. still no response.. amazing."

Player's have been trying to get their issues resolved for weeks now and are getting impatient, but it looks like Epic is finally taking action. A company spokesperson indicated that they are aware of the breach and are working to resolve the problem and provide refunds to those affected.

"We are aware of instances where users' accounts have been compromised using well-known hacking techniques and are working to resolve these issues directly with those players affected. Any players who believe their account has been compromised should reach out to our player support immediately."

In addition to providing relief to those affected, Epic has posted an Account Security Bulletin with tips on account security. The company also suggests setting up two-factor authentication --- a feature it just recently implemented.

If you feel that your account may have been compromised or find charges for the game you did not make, contact Epic's Player Support.