Twitch and YouTube might be the current kings of game livestreaming but Facebook could be shaking things up soon.

According to Engadget, the social media giant has officially announced a programming kit that could allow game developers to integrate Facebook game streaming technology directly into their titles, with no additional effort or software needed on a streamer's part.

Indeed, when a streamer is playing a supported game they need only hit a hotkey or toggle an in-game setting to get up and running with Facebook's new streaming tools.

It's unclear how exactly the streaming will work from a viewer's perspective but it's likely you'll simply need to tune in to the Facebook page of one of your favorite gaming personalities to watch a given broadcast.

In addition to using their technology's simplicity to attract streamers, Facebook is also looking to attract more viewers by offering them free in-game rewards for watching broadcasts on the platform.

This is certainly intriguing news for developers, streamers and viewers alike but it's tough to say whether or not Facebook will be able to compete with bigger players in the industry.

Many streamers already rely heavily on either Twitch or YouTube to keep themselves afloat, likely making the idea of switching a less appealing prospect than it might otherwise be.

Regardless, if you're a game developer, you can sign up to receive information about Facebook's new "Games SDK" toolset right here.