It seems that Nvidia is getting into the photo uploading business with its new website Shot with GeForce. The site looks to showcase video game screenshots taken using Ansel technology.

Ansel photo mode, named after famous photographer Ansel Adams, is a feature Nvidia introduced in 2016. It allows users to take screenshots in supported video games, but it is more than just a screen-capture function. Shots can be edited with a number of filters and other adjustments. The photos can also be viewed from any angle. Essentially, Ansel allows you to setup and take the perfect screenshot.

Now there will be a dedicated place to share these masterpieces. Shot with GeForce will not just display screenshots. Viewers will be able to take advantage of Ansel tech when viewing compositions.

Opening a photo allows users to see it in 360 degrees or zoom in on distant action in the Super Resolution (gigapixel) photos. The website will even be compatible with Google Cardboard so that images can be explored in VR. What viewers can do with he photos depends on how the shot was originally shared.

Some of the images already posted are impressive. Those with an eye for photo composition will certainly make some beautiful entries.

Speaking of entries, Nvidia will be frequently running contests on the website. Currently, it is accepting compositions from Star Wars Battlefront II. If you have a knack for photography and play SWBII, upload an entry before April 20 to have a chance at the grand prize --- a Razer Blade Stealth laptop, a Razer Core external GPU enclosure, and a Star Wars Collector's Edition NVIDIA Titan Xp graphics card. Two runners-up will also be picked to win just the Star Wars graphics card.

Even if you aren't great at taking epic screenshots, it might be worth uploading your best attempt since there is also a sweepstakes portion of the contest. Nvidia even has some tips for taking great screenshots.

"We're also giving away 3 GeForce prize packages and 5 Star Wars Battlefront II game codes. Anyone who uploads a screenshot from any game that supports Ansel has a chance to win."

There are two ways to upload screenshots. The easiest is just to download and install GeForce Experience from the website. Then press Alt+Z, go to the gallery, and upload any Ansel photo you have taken.

You can also use the new Shot with GeForce feature, but you must have a graphics card ranging from the GTX 750 Ti to the GTX 1080 Ti. A full list of compatible cards is available on the website.