Apple may have criticized Facebook for their data collection methods recently but the device maker has had their fair share of problems in the past as well.

A few months ago, Apple came under fire for throttling the performance of older iPhones - a move many felt was an attempt on Apple's part to perform "planned obsolescence" to push their customers to buy brand-new devices.

While Apple claimed that was not the case and the throttling was simply the company's way of preserving device battery life, they later promised to give users the ability to disable the performance throttling entirely in a future iOS update. Fortunately for users who dislike the battery management "feature," that update has finally arrived in the form of iOS 11.3

The update is rolling out to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners today and includes a host of new features. Chief among them is the previously-mentioned device performance throttling toggle located under the new "Battery Health" settings page. Be warned, however - turning off the performance throttling functionality could lead to unexpected device shutdowns and general device instability.

Other iOS 11.3 features include four new Animojis (a lion, bear, dragon and skull, specifically) as well as improved ARKit functionality allowing for the placement of virtual objects on vertical surfaces such as walls or windows. Furthermore, Apple is expanding their privacy features by displaying a new privacy icon whenever Apple asks you to login or provide other sensitive information.

This feature should serve to cut down on the success rate of phishing attempts by less-than-reputable third-party apps that seek to fool users into giving up their personal data.