We spend a good chunk of our day typing, which means even a small improvement to our typing speed can vastly improve our productivity. To this end, the Lofree Four Seasons Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is designed to make typing easier and faster on all of your devices while also adding some retro flair to your workspace. It's available on sale for pre-order at $99.99.

The Four Seasons is engineered to produce a more comfortable, refined tactile feel that makes touch-typing easier. It boasts large keycaps and an improved backspace key to increase your typing speed, and its Gateron blue switches support more comfortable typing as they require lighter pressure to actuate. The Four Seasons supports three levels of backlighting, so you can seamlessly type away on your devices even in the dark.

You can preorder the Lofree Four Seasons Wireless Mechanical Keyboard today for $99.99, saving nearly 30 percent off its full retail price.

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