The Serious Sam franchise is finally getting a true sequel. It has been seven years since Serious Sam 3: BFE launched. While we have seen several SS titles since then, (heck, we saw four in 2017 alone), none have carried the Serious Sam 4 moniker. The four 2017 titles were all ports of the first three games to VR with the fourth, Serious Sam: The Last Hope, also being a VR-only title. Croteam did not hand TLH the SS4 title, so even the developers did not consider it a true sequel.

On Thursday Croteam revealed that Serious Sam 4 is finally in the works by throwing us an introductory teaser/trailer. The game, subtitled “Planet Badass,” will feature the usual over-the-top gibbing and humorous yet exciting and hectic gameplay that we have come to know since the first Serious Sam launched way back in 2001.

The trailer shows Sam riding his motorcycle down a stretch of highway minding his own business and enjoying the beautiful countryside and butterflies. Of course, this is Serious Sam so we know that can’t last very long, and indeed, here comes a Beheaded Kamikaze out of nowhere, which Sam dispatches casually in a shower of blood and body parts. As he continues on the camera pulls back to show hordes of baddies swarming the highway. The trailer fades out finishing with a “See you at E3” message.

Serious Sam 3 did not get rave reviews. TechSpot gave it a metascore of 75. While I felt the game was too short, I did find it fun and enjoyable. Hopefully, Croteam can improve the reception for this installment by addressing some of the gripes that critics had about SS3.

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass does not have a release date yet, but Croteam is planning a big reveal at E3 2018, which is in just a couple months.