Like other large retail outlets, Apple stores have their fair share of thefts, but it’s not often that such incidents are caught on a customer’s smartphone.

Police are investigating a robbery that took place at one of the Cupertino company’s stores on the Plaza in Kansas City yesterday (Sunday, April 22). One shopper, Margs Dickinson, managed to capture the crime while she was in the store buying an Apple Watch. She later posted the video on her Facebook page.

Dickenson told the Kansas City Star that she happened to have her phone out and started recording on Snapchat.

The three men are seen grabbing devices from the store as the alarms ring. It appears that one of them is holding an iPad—possibly an expensive 12.9-inch Pro, judging from its size. There’s also a tether dragging along the floor, which could have been what set the alarms off. The men then grab a number of iPhones before fleeing the scene on foot.

Back in 2016, Apple started removing the security cords on its iPhones in a small number of stores in the UK and Canada. The untethered handsets have a ‘kill-switch’ that mean when they leave the outlet’s WiFi range, they can't do anything but ring for Find My iPhone until the battery dies. They are also Activation Locked using iCloud as a deterrent.

The thefts were a lot more brazen than a technique used a couple of years ago, which involved criminals wearing blue shirts like those worn by Apple store workers and posing as employees, enabling them to stealing goods from the stores.

Anyone who has information on the robbery should call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.