Pokémon Go developer Niantic last summer held the game's first-ever community event at Chicago's Grant Park. The Pokémon Go Fest was meant to be a happy gathering for fans of the game to meet up with other like-minded players, collect rare characters, participate in special team challenges and more but instead, attendees were met with ridiculously long lines, spotty cellular service and server problems that left the game unplayable for much of the day.

Niantic went into damage control mode, dishing out refunds and digital goodies but it wasn't enough. A class-action lawsuit was eventually filed against Niantic which was recently settled for $1.575 million (the funds are intended to reimburse attendees for things like airfare, hotel costs, car rentals and whatnot).

Seemingly undeterred by last year's events (or determined to make things right), Niantic on Monday announced the Pokémon Go Summer Tour 2018 with a featured stop in Chicago.

Pokémon Go Fest 2018: A Walk in the Park takes place from July 14 to July 15. This time around, it's being held in the city's historic Lincoln Park which features a 1.8-mile walking course that'll include "exclusive activities for Trainers of all ages."

Niantic says single-day passes will go on sale starting May 11 priced at $20 each. If you plan on attending, it'd probably be best to mark the day on your calendar and grab your ticket right away. Some attendees at last year's event reportedly paid upwards of $400 from scalpers to get in.

There's also a Safari Zone event scheduled for June 30 to July 1 in Dortmund, Germany, although it appears as if this gathering will be free for all to attend.