If you thought tabs could only be found in web browsers and select text editors, think again. Microsoft's Build 2018 developer conference is still going on and the company has announced a slew of new features for developers and ordinary Windows 10 users alike.

One of these features will be Windows 10 "Sets." Sets are essentially tabs for every app in Windows 10 - if you're scrolling through Twitter and see someone announce an upcoming party, you could quickly open Notepad in a new browser tab to jot down the information.

However, as nice as this feature sounds, there is a catch. Initially, Sets will only be available to those who use Microsoft's Edge browser. While that makes sense from a business perspective, it's certainly going to disappoint those who prefer the likes of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

At any rate, Sets will also allow you to restore tab groups that you previously had open when you switch on your computer for the day. This should allow for a greater degree of continuity while working.

You'll also be able to sync and restore app groups across numerous mobile and desktop devices through the integration of Microsoft's Timelines tool. It's unclear when exactly Sets will be arriving for ordinary users, but Windows Insiders have had access to the feature for some time now, so it's likely the feature will arrive with the next major Windows 10 update.