Home security company Ring specializes in… well, home security. The company, which got its start as Doorbot in 2012, has developed a line of highly successful video doorbell products that deliver peace of mind to its many users.

With Ring’s new standalone Neighbors app, it’s easier than ever to help participate in creating a safer community.

Neighbors is meant to facilitate real-time communication between neighbors, the Ring team and law enforcement. Think of it as a neighborhood watch for the modern era. If something fishy is going on (say, for example, you catch someone stealing a package from your front porch or trying to kick in your door), you can post about it in the app complete with text, photos and / or video (and conversely, see reports from others in your area).

Amazon acquired Ring earlier this year. Terms of the deal weren’t publicized although according to one source, Bezos and company paid more than $1 billion for the former Shark Tank reject.

To get started, simply download the free Neighbors app on your Android or iOS device and opt-in to join your neighborhood. Note that you’ll need to verify your location meaning you can't simply join random neighborhoods from across the country.

Ring is one of several companies focusing on hyperlocal news sharing. In January, Google launched its Bulletin app which joins others like Nextdoor in the same category.