Far Cry 5 has been out for a couple of months, so by now you've probably seen most of what it offers and been disappointed by those endings. But don't remove it from your Steam library just yet: the game's first piece of DLC is set to arrive on June 5, and it's set during the Vietnam War.

Hours of Darkness casts you in the role of Wendell "Red" Redler, who appeared in one of the main game's side quests---What They Carried---which tasks players with finding the 12 Vietnam lighters scattered across Hope County.

In the DLC, Redler goes up against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army in the war-torn country's jungles as he tries to locate and rescue his squad mates, Rambo style. Being a teaser, the trailer doesn't reveal too much, but a change in location and time period is interesting. There will be "new gear and abilities," including an M60 machine gun and a Vietnam-era M16, both of which can be used in the base game. There's also an ability called "Survival Instinct" that rewards stealthy kills, and players can call in airstrikes on enemies.

Most DLCs tend not to be very long, but it sounds like Hours of Darkness will have some replay value. Once you complete the story, two new modes will open up: Survivor, which makes things a lot harder by removing most of your equipment, and "Action Movie," which allows you to carry more weapons and gives players better airstrikes.

If you want to check out elements of the DLC before its release, "Vietnam-themed" assets are now available to use in the Far Cry Arcade.

Those who haven't splashed out on a season pass can get Hours of Darkness for $11.99 when it arrives in a couple of weeks.