Autopilot crashes aren't the only problems EV maker Tesla has been forced to contend with lately. As we reported last week, Consumer Reports (CR) refused to give Tesla's Model 3 all-electric sedan their recommendation due to "big flaws" in the vehicle's braking system. At the time, the outlet claimed the Model 3's braking abilities were noticeably worse than a full-size pick-up truck.

Tesla was quick to refute this claim by saying CR's testing was affected by environmental temperatures, road surfaces, and "past driving behavior."

Regardless, company CEO Elon Musk later said the issue could be fixed via a firmware update. This statement prompted CR to agree to re-test the vehicle if Tesla successfully managed to pull off an "industry first" over-the-air brake update.

It seems that's precisely what has happened, as CR now says the Model 3 has officially earned their recommendation. According to the outlet, Tesla has managed to reduce the vehicle's braking distance from 152ft to 133ft.

Furthermore, Tesla has already begun to take many of the outlet's other complaints (such as wind noise and uncomfortable rear seats) into account by implementing changes to their production line.

CR plans to rent another Model 3 from Tesla at a later date to see these changes in action.